GSNV Half Year Reviews & Full Year Reviews

The GSNV is proud to serve and support our sector.
We have now been working on the implementation of the Federal Department of Health National Strategic Action Plan for Rare Diseases since launch in February 2020.We are delighted to share our 2020, 2021 Mid-Year and Full-Year Reviews to provide a snapshot of
how we have contributed to the delivery of the plan objectives to date.

We have chosen to present our work within the National Strategic Action Plan for Rare Diseases framework. The plan is also consistent with the National Genomics Health Policy Framework and the Genetic and Genomic Healthcare in Victoria 2021. The GSNV Projects are focused on Victoria but can reach a national audience through GUARD Collaborative Australia.

As always, there is much to do and we will continue to focus on serving collaboratively and through consultation. We have included a list of connections, networks and collaborations as part of these reports. We hold ourselves accountable to our community, collaborating partners and the Department of Health in Victoria.

2020 Full Year Review

2021 Half Year Review

2021 Full Year Review 

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