Resources for support groups

Support groups play an integral role in the mental wellbeing of people impacted by genetic conditions. They can be a shoulder to lean on, a place to get practical advice and somewhere you can talk to others with similar experiences. While support groups are doing valuable work we understand that the running of a support group can be challenging.  A large part of the GSNV’s role is to help support and guide support groups to run efficiently.

How can the GNSV help your support group?


We have a number of resources and programs that can help support groups at all different stages.

All our resources can be found in the support group portal of the Genetic Link, our online library of genetic related resources.  To access these resources your support group will need to be a member of the GSNV, click here to become a member. You will be sent your login details when your membership has been confirmed. If you are already a member please contact us for your login details.

We have a number of resources and programs that can help support groups at all different stages.The stages can be referred to as the Lifecycle of the Support Group and within the Genetic Link general tools can be found relating to each lifecycle stage supporting the growth and stability of our community through shared best practice resources , training and peer support.

Volunteer Program

The GSNV also run a Volunteer Program which is an opportunity for our support groups to source suitable volunteers to assist them to deliver services to their community.

Volunteers come from many different backgrounds but generally have an interest and/or basic understanding of genetics.  Further information on the volunteer program can be found on the Genetic Link website.


GSNV Small Grants:

The GSNV awards a Small Grant once a year to a support group.  Small Grants may be used for a once-off project or activity that your group wishes to undertake. The grant is awarded to a current GSNV member.

The grant round commences November 5th 2021 , closes December 3rd 2021 and the grant is awarded on December 14th 2021.

The GSNV Margaret Sahhar Grant has been established to assist a support group with a significant boost allowing them to serve their communities by delivering on a pressing need or deliver an important benefit. In the spirit of Margaret Sahhar, we encourage collaboration, holistic approaches, short and long term benefit and consideration and evaluation.

Is my support group eligible for the Grant?

This grant is open to all current GSNV members.

DGR Status is not required for GSNV Small Grants.

How do I request a grant application form?

You can download  the grant application form for 2022  through the Genetic Link support group tab  . If you are not currently a GSNV member you can apply for a GSNV membership on our website here . Once this has been processed you are eligible to then apply for the grant.



The GSNV can also advertise your meetings, conferences and special events in our quarterly newsletters, on our new website and in our regular e-bulletin, ‘Bits and Pieces‘.

Please contact us if you would like further information on this.

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