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Webinars & Podcasts


Genetic Counselors and You Webinar Series

Sponsored by the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC), the webinars are presented by genetic counselors on a wide range of topics, such as Cardiovascular Disease, Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing, and Mental Illness and Genetics.  Registration is Free for all guests. 


"Putting Genomics to work" The Naked Scientists podcasts

Listen to Sumit Jamuar (Chairman & CEO of Global Gene Corp) and Ewan Birney (Chair, GA4GH), chat with Kat Arney on the establishment of a genomic 'Beacon' in India, and responsible genomic data sharing.


Genomics for the Generalist

This is a two-part podcast series developed by the Royal Australian College of Physicians (RACP). It looks at how modern genomics is changing clinical practice, and how a physician can hope to keep up with the pace of discovery and technological development.



Genomic medicine on Big Ideas

How is genomics changing modern medicine? There is a long way to go, but already it is being used to improve the diagnosis of rare conditions, to treat some cancers, and in preventative health. What does the future hold for genomic medicine and how is it improving healthcare? Are we really on the cusp of a new era of personalized medicine? A panel of experts talk to Paul Barclay about the promise and the challenges of genomics in medicine.


Gene editing on Catalyst

CRISPR is a powerful gene-editing technique that is transforming the field of genetics. Faster, easier and cheaper than previous gene modification methods, the dream of treating cancer or curing hereditary gene diseases is one step closure. However, with the power to change DNA come ethical implications. CRISPR gives us the ability to alter the evolution of an entire species. Scientists are excited but are aware that they need to be careful how they use this revolutionary gene editing tool.


Direct-to-consumer testing on Catalyst

At-home genetic test kits now promise to predict your risk of disease before it strikes. But how good are they? Maryanne Demasi uses her own DNA to put the test to the test.


Ask The Doctor Series 1 Ep 8 Genes

Dr Shalin has the confronting experience of having his genomes sequenced. What will the test reveal about the future of his health? 


Playing Genetic Roulette | Nigel Laing | TEDxUWA

Professor Laing and his human genetics research group dedicate themselves to further gene discovery, understanding the pathobiology of the diseases, and developing effective therapies and next generation sequencing diagnostics to strengthen the gene pool. In his talk, Professor Laing describes his team's novel methods in the hopes of reducing morbidity and mortality from genetic disease through population screening: putting an end to "genetic roulette".




Political citizenship of people with intellectual disability podcast

In episode two of the ASID podcast series we bring you the highlights of the "Putting rights into practice: Political citizenship and people with intellectual disability" seminar. The event was held in November 2016 and was a partnership between ASID, Inclusion Melbourne and the Living with Disability Research Centre at LaTrobe University.

Sophia Tipping, Living with Disability Research Centre, Sharon Kensell, Advocacy for Inclusion, Sue Lang, Victorian Electoral Commission, Jane Tracy, a parent, Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria at Monash University) along with Daniel Leighton and Nathan Despott,  both of Inclusion Melbourne, provide summaries of their work and experience around the political citizenship.


NDIS readiness for advocates

The NDIS is rolling out across Victoria giving thousands the opportunity to start new plans for the first time while investigating local support options. Catherine McAlpine, Manager Disability Loop at AFDO introduced a new 'Tip Sheet' for the planning process and provided some perspectives on the Local Area Coordinators and the Service Coordination roles at the NDIS.


NDIS housing

Options for Accommodation & Housing for people with disability under the NDIS - panel presentation.


NDIS funding

Experience of carers as the NDIS is implemented across the country.


Peer support

A collection of podcasts and videos about peer-support. 


GSNV webinars

Rare disease day 2017 and Neuromuscular Support Group meetings.


You Can't Ask That - Series 2 Down Syndrome

You Can't Ask That asks people with Down syndrome the awkward, inappropriate or uncomfortable questions you've always wanted to know the answers to, but never had the guts to ask.


You Can't Ask That - Series 2 Facial Difference

You Can't Ask That asks people with facial difference the awkward, inappropriate or uncomfortable questions you've always wanted to know the answers to, but never had the guts to ask.


Syndromes Without A Name (SWAN) video library

SWAN's video library contains presentations about living without a diagnosis, SWAN awareness events, how to navigate the NDIS, and educational presentations about genomics.


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