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Peer Support Training


Professional counsellors are helpful, but there is nothing more powerful than talking to someone who has been "in the same boat" as you.

Peer Support Training is available for all individuals, including staff from support groups. It is a one day workshop and our aim is to help you feel empowered to listen and talk to others who are in a similar position, and share your wisdom and experience.

Some areas that the Peer Support Training course will cover include:

  • active listening
  • communication skills
  • empowerment
  • self-care
  • community resources
  • information about GSNV and what we can do to help the process.

You will receive a Statement of Attendance certificate upon completion as well an invitation to become a Peer Support Contact with the Genetic Support Network of Victoria.

The next GSNV Peer-support training course will be held on Tuesday the 21st of November 2017, from 11am - 2:30pm at the Royal Children's Hospital. Training is free for GSNV members. Please RSVP to info@gsnv.org.au



Peer Leaders Online Training (PLOT) course

Chronic Illness Alliance are very excited to announce the launch of the Peer Leaders Online Training (PLOT) course!

Designed as a step-by-step guide to setting up and running a peer support group, PLOT can also be used to build the capacity of an existing group, or to train a new peer leader to take over. The course is free and available to anyone who would like to register.

The training is self-guided and structured around core units and optional electives, covering areas such as leadership and facilitation skills, navigating through difficult times, governance and financial matters, planning, and looking after oneself in the role.

In addition to providing information and recommendations within each Unit, the course includes a range of activities, resources and templates that are designed to help participants convert concepts into skills, and put theory into practice. Participants who complete the course will also receive a Certificate of Completion. A flyer and full Course Overview are attached, and also available on the PLOT homepage.

To register, go to  peerleadersonlinetraining.net



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