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Telehealth Nurse Grants

Are you aware of the Patient Pathways Program?

It was announced as a pilot program in January by the Federal Government and will make funds of $1.5million available through the International Centre for Community Directed Research to 10 patient organisations. The program is designed to help patients and their families access the most suitable health services for their condition and to provide extra support for patients and their carers, including telehealth nurses.

The aim is to ensure that people who are in need of support, get fast expert advice tailored to their particular circumstances in a coordinated way.

Interested in Collaboration?

You may wish to apply yourself however, the GSNV is proposing to seek funding for a collaborative of organisations to be part of the pilot program. This will ensure that as many organisations as possible are able to access the assistance. The telehealth nurse would be based at the GSNV and service the needs of the specific condition collaborative partners. If the level of interest is high, we may be able to seek funding for more than one nurse on a functional basis, or group conditions eg neurological, mobility, sensory etc.

The funding provides:
- Support from CCRD to establish a telehealth case management service that is relevant to the disease or condition
- Support for the nurse with ongoing education, training and peer support
- Support to collect baseline data
- Support to employ a telehealth nurse
The commitment required:
- Employment of a telehealth nurse
- The provision of a safe, professional and appropriate workplace
- Clinical supervision and adequate insurance
- To adhere to the program protocols and participate in data collection

Applications are due on 15th February so this is time critical. The program will commence in April.

To be part of the collaborative:
1. Organisations must be a GSNV member.
2. Organisations must be prepared to participate in a grant writing session week commencing 11th February
3. Organisations must be prepared to share information about condition treatment and existing care pathways.

We'd love to hear your thoughts, please don't hesitate to contact me directly to discuss. The application form and additional information can be found at http://www.cc-dr.org/au/pathways/grants/

We need to know by Friday 8th February, if you would like to work with us.

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