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Neuromuscular Support


Neuromuscular support group for young adults

Welcome to an informal social and connect group for people in their 20s/30s with conditions affecting walking, balance, coordination or speech - a chance to meet up and chat with people with similar experiences.

The aim of this group is to connect people with neuromuscular conditions for informal peer support. We will also hold webinars facilitated by health professionals every few months on topics suggested by group members. Stay tuned for the first webinar in late July! Topics can include issues such as: How or when do I tell others about my condition? Will my symptoms get worse? Living with uncertainty about the future. Coping with physical dependence on other people including parents.

This group is open to anyone with a condition affecting the muscles and nerves, such as ataxia, hereditary spastic paraplegia, spinal muscular atrophy, Charcot Marie Tooth syndrome, muscular dystrophy, mitochondrial conditions and other rare conditions of the nerves and muscles.

Please follow the link below:

"Neuromuscular support group for young adults"

Also see the Facebook group

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