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What is genetic counselling?

Genetic counselling provides an individual or family with information and support regarding health concerns which run in their family. Genetic counselling may involve the diagnosis of a genetic condition, the provision of information and supportive counselling (advice and guidance) by a team of health professionals, so that families and individuals may be better able to adjust to diagnosis. Follow-up counselling is available to ensure on-going support, review previous information or to answer new questions as they arise.

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Click here for more information about genetic counselling in Australia.

They also have a full list of Australian genetic counselling services.

In Australia clinical genetic consultations for people with concerns about the possibility of an inherited condition in themselves or their family or with concerns about findings in a pregnancy are covered by Medicare (however some genetic tests may incur a cost). It is preferable to have a referral from a medical or allied health professional, and all referrals and enquiries are triaged. 


The U.S. National Society of Genetic Counselors resource also explains what a genetic counsellor is, how they can help you, and what you can expect when you go to see one.  

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