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Find a genetics clinic or support service


There are a range of clinical genetics services as well as support services for those impacted by genetic conditions throughout Victoria.

Clinical genetics services are medical services that specialise in genetics. These services are staffed by Clinical Geneticists and Genetic Counsellors.

Clinical Geneticist: a  medical doctor who has trained in Genetics as a specialty. They can perform a physical examination and make genetic diagnoses.

Genetic Counsellor: an allied health professional who has post-graduate qualifications specialising in medical genetics and counselling. They provide information about genetic conditions, and help you to make informed decisions.

For a listing of Clinical Genetics Services in Victoria click here. You can also contact us and we can help you find a clinical genetics service in your area.



Support services for those impacted by genetic conditions are also available. These include disability services, advocacy services, government agenecies, and respite.

The GSNV has listed a range of useful  services and resources that may be relevant to individuals impacted by genetic conditions, available here.


The GSNV is the genetic support network for Victoria. Click here for a list of other genetic support networks around Australasia.

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