The GSNV Practical Wellness Month October 2021

Welcome to our Practical Wellness Month Registration!

We are looking forward to telling you about all the activities we have planned for our Genetic Support Group members October 6th-26th.

As 2021 proves to be an extension of the discord and isolation we experienced in 2020, we at the GSNV understand the need for “filling your cup” to support yourself and the others in your lives.

We miss connecting with you in person and wish to say thank you for your continued support of those living with rare and undiagnosed genetic conditions.

The success of our ‘5 Days of Wellness Week’ last October has had us planning for this years event to build your practical wellness skills as individuals and community leaders.  We are presenting 4 weeks of workshops, one per week in an online format.

The continued sharing of resources is important to keep the conversations going about Support, so each event will be concluded with a take home resource.

To assist you in completing the registration form please find details of each event below:

PEER SUPPORT TRAINING presented by Cystic Fibrosis Community Care October 6th 10:00am-12:00pm 

ACCIDENTAL COUNSELLOR WORKSHOP October 13th & 15Th 10:00am -1:30pm presented by Suicide Programs/Calm Conversations (FULL-this option is to register your interest to join the waiting list)

RIGHT TO SAFETY WORKSHOP presented by Women with Disabilities Victoria  October 19th 10:00am-1:00pm

DEMYSTIFYING LOSS & GRIEF WORKSHOP presented by Very Special Kids October 25th 10:00am – 12:00pm

The GSNV Practical Wellness Month


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As places are limited, please note that we will try our best to accommodate your registration interest


CFCC– Peer Support Training have shared with us a resource from Diabetes Australia relating to online peer support. You can access it via the link here.

Download  more resources from the Accidental Counsellor Be Safe and Be Calm apps:

From the Accidental Counsellor session and Demystifying Grief and Loss-Brene Brown on empathy

Another Brene Brown video of interest is Call to Courage

Very Special Kids have shared with us these resources on Grief and Loss:

These videos refer to grief after death, but the same principles can be applied to supporting someone with any kind of loss, not just death.

How do you help a grieving friend
Supporting a grieving friend:Esther Perel & Julia Samuel

This book has also been recommended if you are interested in the non-death losses that we encounter in life that aren’t often as socially acknowledged or accepted as a loss after a death. The author calls them living losses. It’s a blend of theory, case studies and clinical work.Non-Death Loss and Grief Context and Clinical Implications
By: Darcy L. Harris (Editor)

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