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Our Vision and Mission



A Victoria Where Everyone can Flourish!


  • We empower people to make decisions about their health and wellbeing            
  • We collaborate for equity and cultural change
  • We provide an interface between people with genetic and rare conditions and health professionals to improve the general patient experience
  • We facilitate access to the practical and pathways to the possible


Core Values:


  • We are ethical, tolerant and strive to deliver    


  • We respect choice and the right to choose. We welcome diversity of individual opinions and approaches to inform.
  • We listen and learn from lived experience


  • We strive to educate and inform people for empowered decision making
  • We seek to facilitate an environment where all individuals can flourish and every life has possibility
  • We seek opportunities to provide the voice of lived experience
  • We develop and deliver education and support strategies


  • We seek collaboration for outcomes
  • We engage with communities to learn
  • We provide opportunities for people to network
  • We share lived experience
  • We link people to resources and support


About GSNV