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Our Team

Monica Ferrie

Chief Executive Officer


About Me

I'm inspired by potential and possibility, for individuals, teams and community. My work is targeted to discover, facilitate and achieve them both in a number of capacities.

I am the GSNV Chief Executive in a part time capacity which allows me to also be the Director of Bold and Brave Consulting and Toilet Training Educators, Treasurer of the Balibo House Trust, Honorary Fellow of Melbourne University and member of the Central Queensland University Regional Engagement Committee and the Institute of Public Administration Australia Asia Capability Community of Practice.

Experience in senior leadership roles in Government, Education, the private sector, international projects, education including a Masters of Business Administration and a commitment to community provide a foundation for making a difference across a range of sectors.

What I'm good at

My work has allowed me to develop many skills over the years and I continue to utilise these and build more:

Business Mentoring

Strategic Planning

Facilitation and Training



Decision Making and Problem Solving

Things I love to do

Spend time with my family - I have two sons and a large family.

Hiking - I've done part of the Camino, The Overland, Three Capes, Routeburn, The Heafy…

Scuba Diving - I've dived in Australia, Phillipines, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu.

Anything to do with the ocean - looking at it, being in it, under it, on it

All Sports - Love the Bombers, Cricket, Tennis, Soccer - watch a lot and should play more!

Working in Emerging Countries - I've been involved in Timor Leste for years and love working with the challenges of emerging countries.

Travel - So many places to go……

Healthcare Directories

Virtual Communities

Webinars & Podcasts

Support Groups

Klinefelter Support

Neuromuscular Support

NF Support