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The GSNV team has been working together to get a week of events organized to support our members and we are finally ready to share the program with you!

We are looking forward to telling you about all the activities we have planned for our Genetic Support Group members from November 16th-20th.

We’ve missed connecting in person but have loved keeping in touch through our chatroom, zoom meetings and phone calls. To say thank you for your support this year we want to connect with you during Wellness Week.

To learn more about the FREE activities we have and RSVP for one or two (or three based on availability!), please find the registration form here. Sessions will be based on availability, and they may fill up quick!

Tessa is in her final semester of her Bachelor of Science degree at The University of Melbourne. She is majoring in genetics; however, she has dedicated a large portion of her degree to studying psychology and positive psychology. Tessa comes from a mixed ethnicity background; her mother is Nigerian, and her father is Maltese. Furthermore, she is a volunteer at The Genetic Support Network Victoria, a Peer Ambassador at SANE Australia and she is a published poet at The Dax Centre at The University of Melbourne. Tessa has a formal diagnosis of Bipolar 1 Affective Disorder and wants to share her knowledge on how to maximise wellbeing to the world. In the future she hopes to work in healthcare and endeavours to take advantage of the voice that she has been given to stand up for those with illnesses who are left out of the conversation. Tessa hopes that one day we will live in a world where everyone is accepted, respected, and advocated for, and she endeavours to be a part of that change.

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