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Support After Fetal Diagnosis of Abnormality 


At the time of diagnosis of a fetal abnormality, testing and decision making can seem overwhelming. There may be limited time to reflect on what has happened. The experience may be so profound that it takes months for its' meaning to sink in. Family and friends may offer lots of support at this critical time. However, as time passes and others move on with their lives, many parents find it helpful to talk with others who have had a similar experience, to share and reflect on what has happened.

SAFDA Victoria was originally established by a group of professionals to provide additional support to families who have made the difficult decision about whether or not to continue with a pregnancy after a diagnosis of a fetal abnormality. SAFDA was coordinated by the Genetic Counselling Service at the Royal Women's Hospital from 1994-2011. SIDS and Kids Victoria took over the coordination of the group in 2012.

Shared experience meetings provide an opportunity to meet other parents in a small group and talk over issues of mutual concern. There is no set topic in these meetings. The group members direct the discussion and may participate as much as they choose. Everything discussed at the meeting is confidential.

If you are interested in attending a meeting, please contact SIDS and Kids Victoria on (03) 9822 9611.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to a genetic counsellor, please contact one of the following prenatal genetic counselling services:

Royal Women's Hospital - 8345 2180
Monash Medical Centre - 9594 2026
Mercy Hospital for Women - 8458 4250